33/52 Birch

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33/52 Birch

I attended a workshop in June at Fotografiska in Stockholm with the highly talented and great professional nature and landscape photographer Serkan Gûnes. I learnt a lot from this workshop. It was great and I fully recommend Serkans workshops and work!

Firstly I realized my technical limits and I have lots of training to do to master my gear. You probably know the mantra: find interesting light, use a tripod, manual exposure and spot metering, use a tripod, get depth with a foreground, get overall sharpness and watch your histogram and use a tripod. I have to change my method and select more careful, and focus on this motif instead of firing away hundreds of actuations. Secondly I realized the amount of effort needed to be a photographer. For me it’s the decision to go ”all in” or remain a boring family photographer with expensive gear. Thirdly I completely lost all my inspiration. All summer I have without success tried to capture Serkans images, not my own. 75 GB of mostly boring landscapes 95 % ready for the trash bin.

Finally I gave up. I can’t imitate a good landscape photographer. I don’t have the skills and the time needed and I don’t travel enough. I’ll remain a boring family photographer but at least I’ll try to capture my own images. This one is one of them from a short bicycle ride one late evening in July when the sun set. No tripod. Not sharp. No manual exposure. No spot metering.

  • Location: Hommentorp, Scania, Sweden
  • Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark II @ ISO 400 & 1/30 s
  • Lens: Canon EF 24 mm f/1.4 L II @ f/3.2
  • Id: 16220.

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