Canon RF 85 mm F1.2 L USM

Posted on jul 9, 2019 in EOS R, Photography | 2 Comments

The Canon RF 85/1.2 L is an large, heavy and expensive piece of glass. I have tested it for a few weeks now on the EOS R and it’s:

  • Fabulously sharp from center to edge @ f/1.2. Sharper than the RF 50/1.2.
  • Extremely well corrected – almost no CA and purple fringing wide open. Extreme improvement compared to the EF 85/1.2 LII and even better corrected than the RF 50/1.2.
  • Fast. The AF is fast and correct. No more hit and miss as with the EF 85LII as long as as you do your thing right with your focus points
  • Working very well with the Eye Detection AF on the EOS R (since firmware 1.2). A game changer for me.


Model: Estelle Anundsson.
All images: Canon EOS R and RF 85/1.2 @ f/1.2


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